A Caller's Game
by J.D. Barker

J.D. Barker has done it again—A Caller’s Game is another unputdownable, brilliantly written, action-packed, 5-star page-turner.

You all know just how much I loved Barker’s 4MK Trilogy—The Fourth Monkey, The Fifth to Die, The Sixth Wicked Child (You can find my thoughts on the entire series here)—so when I saw that he had a new book coming out this year I just knew that I had to read it, and boy am I glad that I did.  This book does not disappoint.

A Caller’s Game is a fast-paced, fun, and completely wild book; it is a bit lighter than the 4MK Trilogy even though it still features death and violence because it is not nearly as a graphic or disturbing.  So, for readers who want to experience Barker’s brilliant writing and story-telling but do not want to read a series of longer books (although they do read fast), or for those who do not like such graphic violence, this is the perfect book for you!

For this review I will not write my own synopsis because his books are SO intricate and I am so fearful of spoiling the book for you.


“I’m going to offer you a choice”

Controversial satellite radio talk show host, Jordan Briggs, has clawed her way to the top of the broadcast world.  She doesn’t hold back, doesn’t spare feelings, and has no trouble sharing what’s on her mind.  Her rigorous pursuit of success has come at a price, though.  Her marriage is in ruins, she hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, and she’s distanced herself from all those close to her.  If not for her young daughter, Charlotte, her personal life would be in complete shambles.

When a subdued man calls into the show and asks to play a game, she sees it as nothing more than a way to kick-start the morning, breathe life into the beginnings of drive-time for her listeners.  Against her producer’s advice, she agrees, and unwittingly opens a door to the past.

Live on the air with an audience of millions, what starts out as a game quickly turns deadly—events long though buried resurface and Jordan Briggs is forced to reconcile with one simple fact—all decisions have consequences.

“DIE HARD meets TALK RADIO in this heart-pounding, relentlessly fast-paced thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Fourth Monkey–master of suspense, J.D. Barker”


  • Barker’s writing and imagination: Barker’s writing is just incredible. I don’t know how he does it, but he never fails to completely captivate your attention and pull you directly into his books or into the stories of the lives he has created.  His writing is top-notch, engaging, and just so fun to read because you never know what is coming.  He creates the most wild stories—full of twists, turns, and jaw-dropping cliff-hangers that will have you turning the pages faster than you can even digest what’s written on them.  He is simply an incredible thriller writer with an incredible imagination.
  • The characters: Barker creates well-developed complex characters that you can’t help but love. Even the ones that you shouldn’t.  I’m especially thinking about Jordan Briggs—a cutthroat woman who has done whatever it takes to get to the top in her career.  Jordan doesn’t care what people think or how they react, she just does and says what she needs to get what she wants and where she wants to be.  Jordan’s meant to be unlikeable in that sense, but the way that Barker has written her into the story gives her the opportunity to change and grow, and you can’t help but love her.  The other slew of characters are just as amazing, especially Detective Cole, but you’ll have to read for yourself to see why.
  • Everything. And I mean everything else.

I also LOVED Barker’s note at the end of the book that acknowledges Covid-19, the pandemic, and just where we are in the world right now.


Just amazing. You need to read this book.

— Rebekah Dolmat

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