Razorblade Tears
by S.A. Cosby

Tears ran from his eyes and stung his cheeks.  Tears for his son.  Tears for his wife.  Tears for the little girl they had to raise.  Tears for who they were and what they all had lost.  Each drop felt like it was slicing his face open like a razorblade.

— S.A. Cosby
Once again, S.A. Cosby has completely blown me away—his masterful writing and his ability to seamlessly weave together contemporary issues and topics into an engaging, entertaining, but also heartfelt story, is what makes Razorblade Tears, such an incredible book.  Blacktop Wasteland was by far my favourite book of 2020 (you can read my review here) and ever since I closed its pages last summer, I have been impatiently waiting for his latest release, which, I have to say, I loved even more.

Set in the American South, Razorblade Tears follows Ike Randolph and Buddy Lee Jenkins, ex-cons with little else in common, as they seek to uncover the truth behind the death of their brutally murdered sons: Isiah Randolph and Derek Wilkins.  Isiah and Derek were a gay, mixed-race couple, happily married to each other and raising a beautiful little girl, until they were both shot dead—left utterly unrecognizable.  Although Ike and Buddy Lee struggled to accept their sons’ marriage and sexuality while they were alive, they try to push aside their judgements, both of their sons and of each other, and band together to seek vengeance for their boys.

To put it simply, I loved this book.  Cosby has a way with words that just hooks you in right from the very beginning.  He creates these heartbreaking scenarios and complex characters that you become fully invested in.  Ike and Buddy Lee are both incredibly flawed: one is racist, and both are homophobic and judgemental, but as they both grow to understand their sons and each other, the reader can’t help but grow to love them both.

Cosby has delivered an incredibly captivating and immersive American noir crime thriller.  Razorblade Tears is so much more than just a thriller.  It is powerful, action-packed, raw, dark and gritty, and incredibly violent, while also addressing the important topics of sexuality, race, class, familial bonds and father-son relationships—and it all mends together beautifully. 

I highly recommend both of Cosby’s books; please, please, please read them.  They are incredible. 

Razorblade Tears publishes on July 6, 2021, so get your pre-orders in or mark that date in your calendar, because I can guarantee that you will not want to miss this one.

Thank you so much to Claire McLaughlin from Flatiron Books for sending me a finished copy of Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby and for asking me to take part in the blog tour this month!

You can read the full synopsis of Razorblade Tears below.


Ike Randolph has been out of jail for fifteen years, with not so much as a speeding ticket in all that time.  But a Black man with cops at the door knows to be afraid.  The last thing he expects to hear is that his son Isiah has been murdered, along with Isiah’s white husband, Derek. Ike had never fully accepted his son but is devastated by his loss.

Derek’s father Buddy Lee was almost as ashamed of Derek for being gay as Derek was ashamed his father was a criminal. Buddy Lee still has contacts in the underworld, though, and he wants to know who killed his boy.

Ike and Buddy Lee, two ex-cons with little else in common other than a criminal past and a love for their dead sons, band together in their desperate desire for revenge.  In their quest to do better for their sons in death than they did in life, hardened men Ike and Buddy Lee will confront their own prejudices about their sons and each other, as they rain down vengeance upon those who hurt their boys.

Provocative and fast-paced, S. A. Cosby’s Razorblade Tears is a story of bloody retribution, heartfelt change – and maybe even redemption.

Razorblade Tears is superb. No doubt, S. A. Cosby is not only the future of crime fiction but of any fiction where the words are strong, the characters are strong and the story has a resonance that cuts right to the heart of the most important questions of our times.

— Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author


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