Some Days Are Dark
by Miranda Smith

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Miranda Smith’s debut suspense novel, Some Days Are Dark, pleasantly surprised me! I must admit that I was not expecting to like the storyline, or the main characters, as much as I did.

Some Days Are Dark follows Olivia (and her complicated life) before and after she discovers the dead body of her second husband, Dane Miller, in their home in Whitaker.  Before Dane’s death, we see glimpses of Olivia’s life as a mother to her young son, Jake, and wife to her first husband, Frank. In these glimpses, we also see how she first meets Dane and how their relationship develops at the expense of her marriage.  After Dane’s death, Olivia becomes the primary murder suspect—who desperately struggles to clear her name—as the man who was originally convicted of murdering Dane, a year before, is acquitted and released from prison.

While I did enjoy the overall storyline, it did take me a while to read it.  I don’t know if the reason for that is because I started it during the height of the global pandemic we’re all experiencing, or if it is because I did not fully connect with the book for the entire time that I was reading it. 

One thing I loved is that the book opens with a bang of a first line: “I was happy my husband died, but I couldn’t admit it, otherwise people might think I killed him.”  Unfortunately, after that great opening, it continues at a much slower pace (it is definitely a slow-burning suspense) and I found that some parts dragged on for longer than was necessary.  However, once the plot picked up again, I found that I really wanted to know how it was going to end!  I did not guess the ending beforehand (I hate doing that!), but I also was not completely surprised by it either.  

I would also like to add that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters, particularly Olivia, Frank, and the surprise that was Brock (you’ll have to read the book to get more info on him ;)!).  These characters are so well thought out and just feel like real people who are facing real-life problems and issues.  I honestly think that is what I loved most about this book!

Overall, the book was good and I am looking forward to seeing what else Miranda Smith writes!

Some Days Are Dark was published on March 16, 2020!

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I was happy my husband died, but I couldn’t admit it, otherwise people might think I killed him.


Olivia knows she is lucky. She has a loving husband, Frank, an adorable son, Jake, and a beautiful new home. It couldn’t be more different from her childhood on the outskirts of Whitaker, dirt poor and dreaming of getting out. But at the end of long days with no one to talk to, always feeling like she’s not quite good enough, she starts to wonder if there’s a better life waiting…


Everyone in Whitaker knows who Olivia is. She’s the woman who left her family for no-good Dane Miller—and the one who most likely shot him. Now, there’s gossip about her everywhere she goes, she’s too scared to leave the house most days, and she barely gets to see her beloved son.

How can a perfect life fall apart so quickly? And, when you have nothing to lose, how far will you go to save yourself?


Overall, the book was good and I loved the main characters. I am looking forward to seeing what else Miranda Smith writes!

— Rebekah Dolmat

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